City Bound

Hello peeps,

I hope you had a wonderful week, mine was intense at work but everyting is well. Last week I am very sorry I did not post anything I had no time. Yesterday I had brunch with my sister after that I met with a friend so we decided to discover a place in Nyc where I never been called Williamsburg it’s a very nice area; there something uncommon happened. So we were walking around and wanted to see the best view of williamsburg we went on a rooftop with a magnifiscent view to watch the sunset; we met four strangers and started getting to know each other then we all decided to hang out and have dinner together who does that lol only in Nyc. Anyway ! It was a lot of fun.

“New friends are like new adventures. You never know what life lessons they will teach you”


Wearing: Zara choker, Zara offshoulder top, Windsorstore sunglasses, H&M skirt, Levis leather bag, Chanel espadrilles



 Proverbs 18:24

Friends come and friends go but a true friend sticks by you like family.

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