Sunday Funday

Hello everyone,

I was off this sunday so I was able to enjoy my day starting off by having a nice breakfast. I made some pancakes and eggs (I love pancakes lol) then I invited my friend Imelda to go to church; the service was great. She loved it and actually wants to come back next sunday which is awesome. After that we went to central park take a walk, it was beautiful as usual but one thing I noticed there was the atmosphere and the ambiance. We stopped by this place in central park where a bunch of old people were dancing on roller skates and seemed so free I was smiling and amazingly surprised and happy for them. I realized that the state of mind is everything, it can either make you happy or miserable.

I read somewhere “The only place where you really live is in your head.” Totally true how you live, how you think, how you see things will direct your life and your choices. People feel free because they want to be free. Be and stay positive, It is a big step. Everything is in your head, get rid of every little thing that blocks or prevents you from being untroubled.


Wearing: Zara shoes, Zara pants, H&M basic shirt, H&M blazer, Chloe bag, Bandana scarf, H&M earing, Windsorstore sunglasses.


John 14:27

 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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