Hi beautiful people,

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I am doing awesome! Thanksgiving was great, it was my first time cooking the turkey this year; it was actually pretty good, we ate the whole turkey the next day. It’s Monday, we are back at it again with work, school and for some lucky people they just stay home not doing anything with their life. My post today is random, I say random because it’s almost 8Pm and I am currently in class not paying attention (bad student). I wanted to post right now for no particular reason, I am pretty sure nobody post at this time. Anyway! I took the photos with my phone (btw I am not part of the iphone team anymore, I am so tired of the battery life of iphones, I decided it is time for a big change and I am happy with my choice I got the Google pixel 2, the picture quality is pretty dope) it was super windy that day but when it comes to fashion I am willing to risk it all lol!




Wearing: Asos shoes, Zara earings and dress, French Connection coat



Isaiah 32:17

The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.

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