Winter is Here

Hi everyone,

I made some changes on my blog, I changed the theme and did some other stuff. I tried to make it easier to navigate, I hope you like it. I took these pictures last sunday but I had no time to post it. I had an exam and needed to study super hard. The finals are coming and I am going to be busy but it’s okay I am going to post again some time this week. I took the pictures after church. I really don’t have a specific style when it comes to church outfits. I already told you guys, my style depends of my mood. On that day , I felt like going back in time somewhere in the 80’s and I added my touch of modern. My coat is from Missguided, it’s actually very warm. I bought it last year tho’ so you might not be able to find it there but I am pretty sure you can find something similar on the same site. If not try asos.



Wearing: Missguided Coat, Zara mom jeans, Celine bag, H&M turtleneck, Jaggar shoes


1 Chronicles 16:34

34 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Hi beautiful people,

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I am doing awesome! Thanksgiving was great, it was my first time cooking the turkey this year; it was actually pretty good, we ate the whole turkey the next day. It’s Monday, we are back at it again with work, school and for some lucky people they just stay home not doing anything with their life. My post today is random, I say random because it’s almost 8Pm and I am currently in class not paying attention (bad student). I wanted to post right now for no particular reason, I am pretty sure nobody post at this time. Anyway! I took the photos with my phone (btw I am not part of the iphone team anymore, I am so tired of the battery life of iphones, I decided it is time for a big change and I am happy with my choice I got the Google pixel 2, the picture quality is pretty dope) it was super windy that day but when it comes to fashion I am willing to risk it all lol!




Wearing: Asos shoes, Zara earings and dress, French Connection coat



Isaiah 32:17

The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.

Black Is Beautiful

Hi guys!!

I hope you are all having a beautiful day. I am happy to be introduced into Mo”Papers as a contributor for the fashion and beauty section of the magazine. I will also be sharing my post on the page and I am very excited to be part of it. Basically the magazine is about everything, it will talk about every single topic, politics, fashion, sports, entertainment, you name it but it will be focused on up and coming people in all domains and especially third world’s country culture. (instagram: @mo.papers)

My life right now in one word, hectic! I have been missing in action recently because I am very busy with school, I have my midterms going on, I study a lot right now and don’t enjoy life much but I believe there is a time for everything. My post today is beauty related and I am excited to share these photos here. About a week ago, I did a cosmetic photoshoot; it was my first time doing a professional photoshoot for a brand “Right Shades Beauty” created by two certified and professional make-up artists. They sell different products. They have different shades of matte liquid lipstick named after several cities in Africa, I am representing The Ivory Coast and the shade I am wearing is Abidjan. 

Coucou à tous,

J’espère que vous passez tous une belle journée. Je suis heureuse d’être présentée dans Mo”Papers en tant que collaboratrice pour la section mode et beauté du magazine. Je vais aussi partager mes posts sur la page et je suis très heureuse d’en faire partie. En gros, le magazine parle de tout, il parlera de tous les sujets, politique, mode, sports, divertissement et j’en passe. Il sera axé sur les gens dans tous les domaines et en particulier la culture du tiers monde. (instagram: @mo.papers)

J’espère que vous passez une excellente journée. Je n’étais pas très active ces derniers temps parce-que j’étais très occupé avec l’école, j’ai mes examens de mi-session donc je suis plongée dans mes livres et ne profites pas assez de la vie mais ce n’est pas bien grave, il y a un temps pour tout. Mon poste de ce jour est lié à la beauté et je suis ravie de partager ces photos ici. Il ya environ une semaine j’ai fait un photoshoot professionnel pour une marque “Right Shades Beauty” créée par deux maquilleuses professionnelles et certifiées. Elles vendent différents produits. Le produit présent dans ce shoot est le rouge à lèvres. Il ya différentes nuances de rouge à lèvres liquide mat nommé après plusieurs villes en Afrique; je représente la Côte d’Ivoire et l’ombre que je porte est Abidjan.


A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body


Photographer: @nyekanicholas
MUA: @rightshadesbeauty